Joseph DelPreto

Graduate Student



I'm a PhD student in the Distributed Robotics Lab, working on making human-robot interaction more natural and effective by using muscle signals and brain signals.  I especially enjoy making demonstrations and displays that can artfully showcase our research in fun ways that resonate with as many people as possible.

Other research projects that have been fun to explore include creating a communication system for our soft robotic fish (SoFi), creating the electronics and programming for a distributed robotic garden that can serve as an educational platform, and helping to develop a system that could democratize robot fabrication for education or rapid prototyping by automatically generating ready-to-go robot designs based on user descriptions.  I have also had the opportunity to work on embedded electronics and user interface development for a Wi-Fi based indoor localization system.

When I'm not working on research, I also enjoy tinkering and pursuing personal projects.  Some of my favorites include home automation and musical light shows, packing over-the-top automated Christmas decorations into my dorm rooms, and a proof-of-concept amphibious bike that was a spring break project one year.

I've also had the chance to become a part of the fantastic graduate community in my dorm, Sidney Pacific, by being VP of Resources on the Executive Council as well as an A/V officer and now the Financial Developer - after gaining an understanding of the dorm's inner workings, I developed an entirely new comprehensive financial system for budgeting and purchasing from the ground up.

Hobbies include photography, learning piano/sax, archery, foosball, Seinfeld, and trying out new sports.




Intuitive Robot Control Using Muscle and Brain Activity

Our goal is to use naturally occurring brain and muscle signals to seamlessly interact with robots during collaboration tasks. Two main thrusts are real-time detection of errors using brain signals, and real-time robot control using muscle activity.

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