The Robot Compiler allows non-engineering users to rapidly fabricate customized robots, facilitating the proliferation of robots in everyday life. It thereby marks an important step towards the realization of personal robots that have captured imaginations for decades.

Personalized on-demand robots have a vast potential to impact daily life and change how people interact with technology, but so far this potential has remained largely untapped. Building robots is typically restricted to experts due to the extensive knowledge, experience, and resources required. The Robot Compiler aims to remove these barriers with an end-to-end system for intuitively designing robots from high-level specifications. By describing an envisioned structure or behavior, casual users can immediately build and use a robot for their task.

This system encourages users to treat robots for physical tasks as they would treat software for computational tasks. By simplifying the design process and fostering an iterative approach, it moves towards the proliferation of on-demand custom robots that can address applications including education, healthcare, disaster aid, and everyday life.


Project members include Ankur Mehta, Joseph DelPreto, Andy Spielberg, Cynthia Sung, Daniela Rus, and others.