Director's Message

For more than 50 years, CSAIL has pioneered new approaches to computing that improve how people work, play, and learn.

Mission & History

CSAIL has helped shape the backbone of our modern world: the World Wide Web, RSA encryption, and much of the underlying tech for the ARPANet and the Internet.


Our leadership cultivates collaboration that promotes our mission to improve computing for the world.

Jobs at CSAIL

CSAIL is always looking for talented, passionate people to join our lab.

Notable Awards

CSAIL is the largest lab at MIT, with the highest percentage of faculty who are members of the National Academies.


CSAIL and its predecessors have a rich history of lab publications. The entire historical record of our publications are hosted by MIT's DSpace service.


Hundreds of companies have spun out of CSAIL, from Akamai and Dropbox to Boston Dynamics and iRobot.

Stata Center

CSAIL in housed in the whimsical Stata center, a building reflective of our students - creative, inventive, and unconventional.


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