Charles E. Leiserson




Determining Wikipedia's Influence on Science

Wikipedia is one of the most widely accessed encyclopedia sites in the world, including by scientists. Our project aims to investigate just how far Wikipedia’s influence goes in shaping science.


Performance Engineering of Cache Profilers

Our goal is to develop lightweight tools that allow programmers to better understand the cache performance of their applications. Tasks include designing profilers, performance engineering existing ones, and exploring different metrics for cache interactions.

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Community of Research

Systems Community of Research

The Systems CoR is focused on building and investigating large-scale software systems that power modern computers, phones, data centers, and networks, including operating systems, the Internet, wireless networks, databases, and other software infrastructure.

Community of Research

Theory of Computation Community of Research

The goal of the Theory of Computation CoR is to study the fundamental strengths and limits of computation as well as how these interact with mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines.

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