We develop computing systems for creative expression, cultural analysis, and social change.

ICE Lab research includes new forms of gaming, interactive narrative, social media, digital media art, and creative computing forms unanticipated by any of those.

We’re centered on three areas of computation: expression and narrative, social identity, and culture.

  1. Expression and narrative: We examine how narrative imagining happens at the fundamental cognitive level, providing semantic building blocks that translate to formal representations of concepts and algorithms describing how they can be composed.
  2. Social identity: We seek to create tools that allow for some aspects of social identity constructions, but associated with these choices will be rule sets and processes that formally describe identity concepts. Socially realized identity effects will dynamically change based upon user interaction and discourse.
  3. Culture: Deep understanding of the wide range of human cultural stories is necessary for true communication. We believe that diverse cultural practices can present new underpinnings for computational practices.

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