Karen Sollins

Principal Research Scientist



Denial of Service Mitigation through Protocol Design

We aim to better understand the features of network protocols that facilitate denial of service attacks, in order to design more robust protocols and architectures in the future and evaluate existing designs more accurately.



Community of Research

Computing & Society Community of Research

This community is interested in understanding and affecting the interaction between computing systems and society through engineering, computer science and public policy research, education, and public engagement.

Community of Research

Systems Community of Research

The Systems CoR is focused on building and investigating large-scale software systems that power modern computers, phones, data centers, and networks, including operating systems, the Internet, wireless networks, databases, and other software infrastructure.

Research Group

Advanced Network Architecture Group

The challenge that motivates the ANA group is to foster a healthy future for the Internet. The interplay of private sector investment, public sector regulation and public interest advocacy, as well as the global diversity in drivers and aspirations, makes for an uncertain future.