The challenge that motivates the ANA group is to foster a healthy future for the Internet. The interplay of private sector investment, public sector regulation and public interest advocacy, as well as the global diversity in drivers and aspirations, makes for an uncertain future.

Our goal is to carry out targeted research that can help shape this future. Our research targets core design principles and technology for large, decentralized, open-access networks such as the Internet. We are particularly concerned with the fundamental design principles that underlie tomorrow's networks--what we call the architecture of networks. Technology is not the primary force that is shaping the future of the Internet. Our research methods include engineering studies, software and prototype development, and the study of networks using a multi-disciplinary approach including law, economics and political science. Specific projects range from detailed TCP performance analysis to the interplay of economics, regulation and technology in shaping the future. We look at emerging issues such as the Internet of Things, and persistent challenges such as Internet security.