Michael Sipser






Michael Sipser is a Professor and Chairman of Applied Mathematics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California/Berkeley in1979 under the guidance of Manuel Blum, and has been on the faculty of MIT in the department of mathematics since 1980. Sipser's research interests are in theoretical computer science. He is recognized for his work on complexity theory, automata and language theory, and algorithms. He is the author of the widely used textbook, Introduction to the Theory of Computation. His published research spans several areas, including efficient error correcting codes, combinatorial algorithms, interactive proof systems, and establishing the inherent computational difficulty of problems


Community of Research

Theory of Computation Community of Research

The goal of the Theory of Computation CoR is to study the fundamental strengths and limits of computation as well as how these interact with mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines.

Research Group

Complexity Theory Group

Our interests span quantum complexity theory, barriers to solving P versus NP, theoretical computer science with a focus on probabilistically checkable proofs (PCP), pseudo-randomness, coding theory, and algorithms.