Uhura is an autonomous system that collaborates with humans in planning and executing complex tasks, especially under over-subscribed and risky situations.

Many of today's virtual assistants only allow simple information retrieval tasks, and they're not targeted at drivers' personal needs. Uhura is an on-board personal assistant that can listen to and help elicit what the user wants to do. Then, it will fill out the details of the travel plan. If the goals are deemed infeasible, Uhura will negotiate with the user to relax some constraints and maximize the user's needs. It can relax temporal constraints, asking the user if he or she is okay with being 10 mins late. It can also suggest alternative restaurant to go to, if the user wants to go to a Chinese restaurant. It can also make tradeoff with the user on how much risks he or she would like to take and how strictly the constraints should be satisfied. When the plan is set out to execute, Uhura will also proactively plan for contingencies.