Our goal is to create an online risk-aware planner for vehicle maneuvers that can make driving safer and less stressful through a “parallel” autonomous system that assists the driver by watching for risky situations, and by helping the driver take proactive, compensating actions before they become crises.

Despite improvements in automobile technology and comfort, modern driving is an unnecessarily stressful and dangerous activity. In this project, we propose Geordi assistant for risk-bounded maneuvering. For Geordi, we think in terms of two levels of driving: the maneuver level, and the trajectory level. The maneuver level represents driving as a set of qualitative maneuvers, such as turn left, turn right, accelerate, etc. The trajectory level represents the vehicle path to be followed in order to execute maneuvers. Geordi uses this two level approach both for generating adaptive actions, and for interpreting traffic situations.

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