Knitting is the new 3d printing. It has become popular again with the widespread availability of patterns and templates, together with the maker movements. Lower-cost industrial knitting machines are starting to emerge, but we are still missing the corresponding design tools. Our goal is to fill this gap.

In this project, we are interested in developing algorithmic tools and user interfaces for industrial knitting. Knitting is an ancient art which has grown more and more popular with automation and the widespread availability of templates for customized garments. Patterns and templates can be found everywhere on the internet. We aim to harness this pool of user expertise and develop a set of tools to allow everyday users to develop their own whole-garment clothing. Industrial knitting is likely to become as accessible as 3d printing has, notably with companies such as Shapeways and the corresponding 3d communities / counterparts including Thingiverse. However, there are no reasonable design tools readily available.

Our goal is to develop user-friendly computer-aided knitting design softwares that allow freeform shaping and complex patterning with multiple types of threads. Our longer-term goal is to harness the new design space offered by industrial knitting and functional fibers.