Rapid Visualization of Pictures and Medical Images

The goal of this project is to build an interactive visualization tool
to quickly explore large collections of pictures and medical
images. The main idea is to use the movement of the pointer on a
canvas to control the image being shown. Applications range from
medical image analysis to photo collections and time lapse
visualization. Aside from being usable as an artistic canvas, such a
visualization tool will facilitate biomedical and computer vision
research. We have several exciting directions to explore, and there is
significant room for students to choose the most interesting paths for
them. The tool will be developed for modern web browsers. Candidates
should have familiarity with javascript, HTML and CSS.

An early design demonstrating the main goal is available here:
Time lapse demo: http://goo.gl/ziIrqy
Medical data demo: http://goo.gl/EQ9iLt

For more information contact Adrian Dalca at adalca@csail.mit.edu.