Cloud Computing for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering – The Julia Project

What is Julia? See the BLOG: which answers why we created Julia. In short, because we are greedy. We are power Matlab users. Some of us are Lisp hackers. Some are Pythonistas, others Rubyists, still others Perl hackers. There are those of us who used Mathematica before we could grow facial hair. There are those who still can’t grow facial hair. We’ve generated more R plots than any sane person should. C is our desert island programming language. We love all of these languages; they are wonderful and powerful. For the work we do — scientific computing, machine learning, data mining, large-scale linear algebra, distributed and parallel computing — each one is perfect for some aspects of the work and terrible for others. Each one is a trade-off. We are greedy: we want more. We are creating a cloud friendly environment that combines the best of such commercial systems such as MATLAB®, Mathematics®. Maple®, and free systems such as Python and R. Our mission is “Fast as C, General as JAVA, Easy as MATLAB, Open Source, Readily Available” We are looking for people who do not ask “How do I program in LANGUAGE-X,” but rather what will it take to bring systems to the next level? A quality open source system will be more than a language for getting a job done, it will become the scientific enabler for the next generation. Part of the project involves offering users far more flexible parallelism opportunities than have been available in the rigid systems often found today.

Projects include infrastructure programming, web interfaces, and library development. Please contact Jeff Bezanson ( or Professor Alan Edelman ( , room 2-343) for information or send us a cv. Jeff will plan to hold weekly coding sessions at Stata throughout the summer. We will also hold a weekly or biweekly group meeting so that we can all keep track of the big picture.