First 'MITx' course starts March 5

First 'MITx' course starts March 5
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The first course to be offered through MITx, 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, starts Monday, March 5. 6.002x is an experimental online adaptation of MIT’s first undergraduate analog design course: 6.002. This course will run, free of charge, for students worldwide from March 5 through June 8, and will be taught by CSAIL faculty members. Members of the public can still enroll for free in 6.002x.
Participants in 6.002x will be able to login to the 6.002x website on Monday, March 5, where they will be able to access all of the materials they need to begin learning.
Through MITx, learners worldwide will be able to participate in interactive, online classes, and receive feedback and assessment on their progress. Students who demonstrate mastery of subjects will be able to earn a certificate of completion from MITx.
For more information on 6.002x, please visit: For more information on MITx, check out: