CSAIL students named ‘Computer Science Rockstars’

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The PhenomList has showcased several CSAIL students as “MIT Computer Science Rockstars”. The list features CSAIL undergraduate students Cathy Wu, Liyan David Chang and Brett van Zuiden as part of The PhenomList’s series on the top students graduating this year from some of the best computer science programs in the country.
Wu is an expert programmer. She not only created a Mapquest tool for her high school before she graduated, but also created an application for the Kinect that allows users to conduct an orchestra. Wu is also working on creating a lyric generator for songs and plans on studying traffic signals for her master’s thesis at MIT.
Liyan David Chang worked on the Media Lab project SixthSense, a wearable system that allows people to interact with their surrounding environment through the Internet, before coming to CSAIL to work with Professor Charles Leiserson on hash functions and random number generators. In addition to his work in computer science, Chang is also completing a political science minor at MIT.
During his freshman year at MIT, Brett van Zuiden worked with CSAIL graduate student Mark Finlayson on building a Java library that makes implementing WSD algorithms and incorporating them into external projects quick and painless. His current research interests include creating more user-friendly interfaces that revolutionize the way we interact with computers.
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