CSAIL Welcomes New Students

CSAIL Welcomes New Students
Photo: Jason Dorfman, CSAIL photographer
Incoming graduate students enjoy ice cream during CSAIL's annual new student orientation and ice cream social.
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Incoming graduate students were welcomed to CSAIL last Friday with a new student orientation session and an ice cream social. Students eagerly gathered in the Stata Center Friday afternoon to learn more about their new home for the next few years.
CSAIL Director Anant Agarwal welcomed students by providing a brief overview of the lab and some of the legendary thinkers and inventors who have made CSAIL a world-renowned center for computer science research.
“A lot of people say this is the most prestigious computer science lab in the world,” said Agarwal. “During your time here, hopefully you can make this more true than it is today.”
Co-director Chris Terman provided further explanation of the lab’s purpose, explaining that for graduate students, the lab’s mission is to teach them how to become researchers.
“Let us help you succeed,” said Terman.
Terman’s presentation was followed by information on what resources are available for students at CSAIL, including the lab’s administrative and financial services, and its computing, operations and communications support. Additionally, students were invited to attend CSAIL Student Committee activities, in particular the CSAIL Student Workshop, an annual gathering where students are invited to come spend a day discussing new research ideas and initiating new collaborations.
After learning a bit about CSAIL, students, faculty and staff gathered outside on the terrace of the R&D Commons to enjoy homemade ice cream from Lizzy’s, sponsored by Google.

Abby Abazorius, CSAIL