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Algorithms & Theory , Robotics , Manufacturing

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CSAIL Spotlight: Robot Swims in International Fundraiser

On December 3rd, 2005 over a quarter of a million people and one robot swam as part of the World Swim for Malaria. Money raised by the project will be used to buy mosquito nets to protect children from malaria.

Robot AMOUR, project of the Rus Robotics Laboratory, swam at 4pm EST. Daniela Rus reports that "AMOUR swam 10 graceful laps, navigating from one end of the pool to the other entirely on its own."

Dertouzos Lecturer Series: Professor Avi Wigderson

Professor Avi Wigderson from the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton gave a talk titled "The Power and Weakness of Randomness in Computation" on November 10th, 2005.


Humanity has grappled with the meaning and utility of randomness for centuries. Research in the Theory of Computation in the last thirty years has enriched this study considerably. I will talk about two main aspects of this research on randomness, demonstrating its power and weakness respectively.

CSAIL Spotlight: Google to provide support for CSAIL Kenya and Fiji outreach programs

Recently MIT was ranked first among universities in the country for commitment to national service.

In the tradition of service, CSAIL is pleased to announce that Google will partner with CSAIL's infrastructure group (TIG) to support the Fiji and Kenya Outreach projects. Google will contribute a $20,000 gift to be used for equipment for these projects. Members of TIG are active volunteers in several global outreach efforts.

SpringBoard:New England 2005 Bootcamp

A CWE/Springboard Enterprise Bootcamp has been held each year since 2000. This years all-day event was a "...workshop designed to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to successfully develop and execute a venture capital presentation." For women thinking about starting their own business, this information is invaluable.

Robot Will Swim in International Fundraiser

Rus Robotics Laboratory robot AMOUR will swim as part of the World Swim for Malaria on December 3, 2005. From AMOUR's Sponsor me page, " AMOUR is in training to make the tumble turns slick so if we get sponsored by the lap we're in good shape to give Michael Phelps a run for his money." The swim hopes to have one million people registered. So far 100,000 people and 1 robot are registered.

Daniela Rus and Iuliu Vasilescu hope to raise $5000 for the World Swim. Enough to buy 1000 mosquito nets. Over $900 has already been pledged.

MIT Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a time for MIT families to discover MIT and all that the Institute has to offer.

This years Family Weekend took place October 14-16, 2005. Each year Family Weekend provides families the opportunity to interact with faculty and administrators to experience MIT culture first hand. In 2004 the event brought 696 families and 2,186 people to campus.


NASA Robotics Internship Program Tours CSAIL

Thirty-three members of the NASA Robotic internship program visited CSAIL in early August. Their tour included a a visit to the Model- based Embedded and Robotic Systems Group and the Humanoid Robotics Group.

The NASA Robotics Internship Program is an intensive resident summer program of higher learning for college undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing professional and leadership careers in robotics fields.

Professor Emeritus Robert Fano receives an Honorary Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino

Professor Emeritus Robert Fano receives an Honorary Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino. Professor Fano was born in Torino, Italy, and did most of his undergraduate work at the School of Engineering of Torino before coming to the United States in 1939.


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