Y. Bryce Kim PhD `17 wins NSF award

Kim honored for research on efficiently querying medical time series data

This month CSAIL PhD candidate Yongwook Bryce Kim ‘17 received the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award for Young Professionals Contributing to Smart and Connected Health at the 38th Annual IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC’16).

The theme of the conference was “empowering individual health care decisions through technology.”

Kim was awarded for his research on using machine learning to efficiently query physiological time series data. His work provides a scalable system to rapidly retrieve “patients like me” from massive physiological time series repositories in intensive care units. Based on the retrieved neighboring patient set, his system performs time-critical subsequent tasks such as critical event prediction and anomaly detection.

The team also featured post-doc Erik Hemberg and principal research scientist Una-May O’Reilly. Kim is part of the Anyscale Learning For All (ALFA) research group, lead by O’Reilly.