Web inventor teaches web course - learn about "Internet of Things" through edX

Tim Berners-Lee and other CSAIL faculty are part of the new IoT course, which starts April 12.

It seems strangely appropriate that the inventor of the World Wide Web is now teaching his first web course.

Tim Berners-Lee and several other researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) are part of the team behind a new first-of-its-kind "Internet of Things" (IoT) course being offered online through edX.

Designed to provide insight for technical professionals across industries, the six-week course will explore new research, architectures and applications at the forefront of IoT, which has its roots at MIT. Researchers at CSAIL and MIT continue to conduct ground-breaking research on topics ranging from RFID to cloud technologies, from sensors to the World Wide Web.

Leading the course are esteemed faculty including Berners-Lee, who is founder and director of the World Wide Web consortium; Sanjay Sarma, dean of Digital Learning and one of the original architects of IoT at MIT in the 1990s; CSAIL Director Daniela Rus; Carlo Ratti, director, MIT SENSEable City Lab ;and Joseph Paradiso, co-director, Things That Think Consortium, MIT Media Lab.

“Innovations in IoT, which has its roots at MIT, are driving remarkable new technologies and enhancing existing platforms in almost every major industry,” comments Bhaskar Pant, executive director of MIT Professional Education. “The IoT revolution delivers enormous opportunity to savvy technical professionals, many of whom are now leveraging the latest research-based professional education programs like ours on IoT, big data and cybersecurity to gain a unique edge on the job.”

Learn more about the course on the IoT site.