Technology Review TR-100 Top Young Innovators Under 35 for 2003

Technology Review honors one CSAIL faculty member and five CSAIL alumni as members of their TR-100 top young innovators under 35.


Jovan Popovic MIT CSAIL Assistant Professor TR-100 Profile
Cynthia Breazeal MIT Media Lab Assistant Professor ScD - 2000 TR-100 Profile

Andre DeHon CalTech Assistant Professor PhD - 1996 TR-100 Profile


Steven Hofmeyr Sana Security Founder and Chief Scientist PhD - 1999 UNM CSAIL Visitor - 1996-1997 TR-100 Profile


Max Riesenhuber Georgetown University Assistant Professor PhD - 2000 TR-100 Profile

Ron Weiss Princeton University Assistant Professor PhD - 2001
TR-100 Profile