Research Group Picks Up the Pieces

A group of researchers headed by CSAIL Professor David Karger has just released a program which may help organize the ephemera of our messy daily lives., a new information capture tool, tries to efficiently serve the purpose of all the tools we use – and misuse – to create a kind of sprawling paper trail of memory.

Information scraps, until now corralled in notebooks, emails to oneself, scribbles on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes (and even the backs of hands), are meant to be entered into the program so that they can be accessed from one location.

The group’s intent is not so much to replace other methods of keeping track of data as to centralize it, so that rather than having to work to keep track if it, the information itself can work for you. To read more about the project from the MIT News Office, please click here; to try it yourself, click here.