Professor Zeldovich earns tenure

Effective July 1, Professor Nickolai Zeldovich has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor With Tenure.
From the official announcement by Anantha Chandrakasan, head of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department:

Zeldovich is a star in the field of computer systems. He has made outstanding research contributions related to computer security, developing applications that allow cloud computers to process encrypted data with an overhead cost that is only moderate. He co-developed “undo computing" to roll back a computer system from the effects of an attack with a minimal amount of disruption and re-doing of work - research which led to the formation of a start-up.

He recently contributed to award-winning work on requirements for parallelism in computer systems, identifying conditions under which program steps may be parallelized: when operations “commute” (give the same result regardless of their ordering).
Zeldovich developed a new class, Computer Systems Security, which teaches students how to build secure computer systems, covering basic principles, as well as recent attacks and defenses. Students have enthusiastically taken to this class, and the lab exercises are being exported to other institutions.
Zeldovich also recently received the 2013–2014 Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award.

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