Prof. Barbara Liskov wins the 2004 IEEE John von Neumann Medal

On Thursday December 18th CSAIL and EECS faculty gathered to congratulate Prof. Barbara Liskov on winning the 2004 IEEE John von Neumann Medal. Pictured are CSAIL Lab co-director Prof. Victor Zue, EECS Associate Dept. Head Prof. Barbara Liskov, and CSAIL director Prof. Rodney Brooks. The IEEE John von Neumann Medal was established by the Board of Directors in 1990 and may be presented annually 'for outstanding achievements in computer-related science and technology.' The achievements may be theoretical, technological, or entrepreneurial, and need not have been made immediately prior to the date of the award. The medal is named in honor of the eminent mathematician, John von Neumann, whose work at Princeton University's Institute for Advanced Study led to the building of the IAS binary stored-program computer in 1952. The IAS machine served as the model for IBM's first all electronic stored-program computer (the 701). Related Links: