“Open Studios” convenes CSAIL faculty, staff, and students to showcase artistic talent

Hedge Nichols, guitar

Earlier this month CSAIL hosted its first annual Open Studios, a day-long exhibition of art created by more than 40 faculty, staff, and students from within the lab.

Founded by infrastructural assistant Liza Zvereva, the event was created as an opportunity to bring the CSAIL community together and highlight diverse artistic talent.

The event showcased a plethora of art, from ballet, to film, piano, algorithmic origami, anime, glass blowing, and baking. Six floors of the building at different time slots throughout the day held multiple visual art exhibitions, a variety of music and dance performances, film screenings, and even a Polynesian dance class.

The event, which organizers hope to implement as a yearly tradition, provides a platform to share talents and passions while fostering deep connections, endorsing the artistic and creative spirit of the lab while providing a medium for many members to enjoy and experience.

“It turned out to be a wonderful event full of life, excitement, and bonding,” says Zvereva. “I was impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the organizers, volunteers, and participants. What’s more, it challenged the long living stereotype, existing especially among technical communities, that the arts are not important. They are ways to express our truth, to connect, to expand our perception of the world.”

The event was made possible by the generous help of Sally Lee, Cree Bruins, Shachie Garcia, Melanie Robinson, Fern Keniston, Valerie Stephens, Maxwell Madzar, Rebecca Yadegar, and Joanne Hanley.