New AI start-up Sentient collaborated with CSAIL on medical data analysis

This past week the AI company Sentient Technologies LLC emerged with $103.5 million in new funding.

CSAIL researchers that include Una-May O'Reilly have been part of regular collaborations with Sentient on medical-data analysis work related to sepsis, a form of inflammation brought about by infection.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Chief Executive Antoine Blondeau (above) said Sentient so far has proven its technology in the trading space, where it started out, and also in medical research. The company worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory team on detecting sepsis, which is a top killer of patients in intensive care units, by analyzing blood pressure in more than 6,000 patients in real time and predicting within about 30 minutes whether a patient was likely to succumb.

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