Miller Wins Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Associate Professor Robert Miller has been named a winner of the 2011 Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Miller, the leader of the User Interface Design Group at CSAIL, is honored for his work in single-handedly developing 6.813/6.831:User Interface Design and Implementation. Enrollment in the course has increased from 50 to 120 students since its creation, and Miller is credited with making the course challenging and accessible to both undergraduate seniors and M.Eng. students.

Miller is also honored for his work in developing 6.005: Elements of Software Construction along with Professor Daniel Jackson, in addition to his proposal to create a system that would enable numerous students, teachers and alumni to comment and provide feedback on new code written by students. The new system would be called “Crowdsourcing Code Review.”

The goal of the Jamieson Prize is to honor educators for excellence in teaching and curricular development.

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