Madden, Solar-Lezama and Cheung Win CIDR Best Paper Award

Professor Samuel Madden, Assistant Professor Armando Solar-Lezama and CSAIL graduate student Alvin Cheung have been honored for their work with the Best Paper Award at the 2013 Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR). Madden, Solar-Lezama and Cheung were honored along with Owen Arden and Andrew Myers of Cornell University’s Department of Computer Science for their paper “StatusQuo: Making Familiar Abstractions Perform Using Program Analysis.”
The paper describes a new system called StatusQuo, which addresses common problems found in modern web applications including performance, reliability and security by using program analysis and program synthesis to enable the seamless movement of functionality between the application layers and the databases the applications rely on for storage.
Madden is a principal investigator at CSAIL. He leads the bigdata@CSAIL initiative and co-leads the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Big Data. Madden’s primary research focus is on database systems, including main memory databases, data warehousing/analytics, database-as-a-service, and querying data streams and networks of distributed devices such as wireless sensor networks.
Solar-Lezama is a principal investigator at CSAIL, where he leads the Computer Assisted Programming Group. His research focuses on developing techniques and tools that exploit automated reasoning and large amounts of computing power to tackle challenging programming problems.
Cheung is a graduate student in CSAIL’s Database Group and the Computer Assisted Programming Group. He is currently working on building tools that make use of programming language techniques to improve application performance.