LCS and AI Labs Merge

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Laboratory for Computer Science both grew out of Project Mac which was founded exactly forty years earlier on July 1, 1963. The photos on the left are from a celebration of the two events (on June 23, 2003), when a joint birthday cake was cut by Bob Fano, founding director of Project Mac, and Rodney Brooks, director of CSAIL. The celebration was hosted by Victor Zue, co-director of CSAIL, and attended by assistant directors Agnes Chow and Lissa Natkin, and many of the faculty and research staff of the new lab, along with their family members. MIT's computer science, AI labs merge MIT News May 28, 2003 Attack of the Two-Headed Scientists Wired News June 11, 2003 MIT Combines Two Big Labs To Boost Collaboration Information Week May 29, 2003 Related Links: