Jegelka receives DARPA Young Faculty Award

Award is part of program that provides funding for junior STEM faculty

This August it was announced that CSAIL principal investigator and MIT professor Stefanie Jegelka will receive funding for her research on geometric methods in optimization.

The award is part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award (YFA), which highlights young researchers in academia covering various topics in STEM. Specifically, this YFA directs recipients to research supporting Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security capabilities, challenges, and ambitions.

Jegelka’s research will explore ways to make machine learning more efficient and robust, through exploiting connections between geometric and combinatorial structure, optimization and discrete probability.

“We’re excited to announce a large number of wide-ranging research topics spanning all six of DARPA’s technology offices,” says Tyler McQuade, acting director of DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office. “While these are fundamental research efforts, if successful, they may eventually yield breakthroughs that could give rise to revolutionary military and civilian technologies.”