Hundreds join MIT App Inventor’s virtual hackathon

Hackathon apps

Over the last decade or so over 10 million users have created more than 40 million apps using MIT App Inventor, a development environment that aims to help non-coders create their own computer programs, with a particular focus on younger students.

This past month, App Inventor ran its first virtual hackathon, with hundreds of participants from 52 countries who came together to create apps related to topics that included covid-19, climate change and social justice. Participants included many new coders, as well as multiple MIT students who served as mentors throughout the week-long hackathon. 

“It was just amazing to see how [the participants] progressed, getting more confident and proficient at each stage,” said Murielle Dunand '20. “By the end, many of the students were expanding the current app content and coding their own extensions to the given curriculum.”

For the hackathon App Inventor also partnered with the tech non-profit Black Girls Code (BGC), who participated in workshops in advance of the event.