Hot Topics in Computing: Data Quest - Repatriating My Data from Cambridge Analytica, Prof. David Carroll

Prof David Carroll. photo credit: Erin Silber Photography

Picking up where Netflix’s original documentary The Great Hack (2019) leaves off, David Carroll takes a deep dive into the legal process and data forensics that resulted in the only criminal conviction of the British company behind Cambridge Analytica by its regulator, serving as a stress test of the data protection regime and a parable to guide further reforms and enduring implications for Election 2016 and beyond.

David Carroll is an associate professor of media design at Parsons School of Design at The New School. He is known as an advocate for data rights by legally challenging Cambridge Analytica in the UK in connection with the US presidential election of 2016, resulting in the only criminal conviction of the company by the Information Commissioner's Office. This work is featured in the BAFTA and Emmy nominated Netflix original documentary The Great Hack (2019) and his writings on the effort have been published in WIREDPAPERQuartzThe GuardianMotherboard, and The Boston Review. He was awarded prizes from The Philosophical Society and the Law Society at Trinity College Dublin in 2019. He received a BA from Bowdoin College and an MFA from Parsons. He tweets at @profcarroll