George M. Sprowls Award Recipients Announced

It was recently announced that the following students were named recipients of the George M. Sprowls Award, which is awarded for the best doctoral theses in computer science. The awards will be presented at the EECS awards ceremony in the spring of 2011. Benjamin Rossman was recognized for his work on “Average-Case Complexity of Detecting Cliques” under the supervision of Madhu Sudan. For his work on “Unsupervised Multilingual Learning,” Benjamin Snyder, working under the supervision of Regina Barzilay, was recognized. Jinwoo Shin, under the supervision of Devavrat Shah, was selected for “Efficient Distributed Medium Access Algorithm.” David Alexander Sontag, working with supervisor Tommi Jaakkola, was honored for “Approximate Inference in Graphical Models using LP Relaxations.” Honorable mentions were awarded to Alex Andoni for his work on “Nearest Neighbor Search: the Old, the New, and the Impossible” with supervisor Piotr Indyk, Chris Lesniewski-Laas for his work on “Design and Applications of a Secure and Decentralized Distributed Hash Table” under the supervision of Frans Kaashoek, and Alexey Andreyevich Radul for “Propagation Networks: A Flexible and Expressive Substrate for Computation” with supervisor Gerald Sussman. Both Rossman and Snyder were also nominated for the ACM dissertation award.