Dertouzos Lecturer Series: Professor Dan Huttenlocher

Professor Dan Huttenlocher from Cornell University gave a talk titled "The Computer Science of Computer Vision"on April 29, 2004.


It has been forty years since the first attempts to build computers that see. In limited domains such as industrial inspection and optical character recognition, computers now not only see, they often do so more reliably than humans. Computer vision techniques have also found considerable use in areas such as digital video and computer graphics. Despite these successes, research in computer vision has focused more on formal models than on computational questions. As a result, many computer vision techniques are not efficient enough to compete with ad hoc approaches in practice. The formal models in computer vision draw on a broad range of areas, such as the physics of light, the geometry of camera systems, and stochastic models of spatial and temporal dependencies. Recently there has been increased focus on the algorithmic issues underlying such models, leading to some dramatic improvements in their practical applicability. In this talk I will argue that the tools of computer science, such as combinatorial and geometric algorithms and machine learning, are the next step in getting computers to see.


Dan Huttenlocher is the John P. and Rilla Neafsey Professor of Computing, Information Science and Business at Cornell University, where he holds a joint appointment in the Computer Science Department and the Johnson Graduate School of Management. His research interests are in computer vision, geometric algorithms, interactive document systems, financial trading technology, and IT strategy. Huttenlocher has 24 U.S. patents, has published more than 75 technical papers, and has been recognized on several occasions for his teaching and research, including being named a Presidential Young Investigator in 1990, the New York State Professor of the Year in 1993, and a Stephen H. Weiss Fellow in 1996. In addition to his academic work, Huttenlocher has served as CTO of Intelligent Markets and was on the senior management team at Xerox PARC. For more information: Professor Dan Huttenlocher's home page CSAIL Dertouzos Lecturer Series