CSAIL’S Weitzner Tapped for Tech Position in Obama Administration

Late last month, CSAIL PI Daniel Weitzner was chosen as part of a group who will oversee President-elect Barack Obama’s “innovation agenda.” The group’s agenda is designed to increase and facilitate both civilian participation in government and government engagement in and with technology. Split into sub-groups for greater specificity, the team will focus on: - innovation and government - innovation and national priorities - innovation and science, and - innovation and civil society. Weitzner, who is currently Policy Director of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Technology and Society activities, is one of the leading lights of Internet public policy. His work has been seminal in preserving Internet freedom of speech, as well as successfully amending the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to afford new protections to online transactional information. To read more about the new Policy Working Group on Technology, Innovation and Government Reform, please click here. A complete list of the new administration’s Policy Working Groups' aims, goals and members can be found here.