CSAIL Members Promoted

MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the MIT Corporation have announced the promotion of three CSAIL members.

Principal Investigators Erik Demaine and Piotr Indyk have been named full professors and Principal Investigator Wojciech Matusik has been named an associate professor.

Demaine is a member of the Algorithms and Theory of Computation groups at CSAIL. His areas of study include the entire spectrum of applications for algorithms, from computational geometry and paper folding to robotics, biology and computer programming. Demaine’s curved origami sculptures are in the permenant collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Indyk is also a member of the Theory of Computation Group at CSAIL. His research interests include computation geometry (in particular in high dimensional spaces), algorithms employing sublinear time and space and streaming algorithms, in addition to algorithmic coding theory and pattern matching programs.

Matusik is a new addition to MIT, having previously worked as a senior research scientist at Disney Research Zurich. His research is in the area of computer graphics with applications in the fields of digital communications, materials science and biomechanics.