CSAIL is Massachusetts' #1 campus spot "worth traveling for," says TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor recently named CSAIL Massachusetts' #1 campus spot "worth traveling for." 

If you needed more proof, take a look at some images of the Ray and Maria Stata Center, which is where hundreds of CSAIL researchers spend their days working on cutting-edge projects related to everything from cryptography and networks to computer vision and robotics.

The Stata Center was designed by the renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and completed in 2004.
The building is home to CSAIL, as well as the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.

From the MIT site:

Its striking design—featuring tilting towers, many-angled walls and whimsical shapes—challenges much of the conventional wisdom of laboratory and campus building.

When it opened in 2004, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Robert Campbell wrote in the Boston Globe that the building is "a work of architecture that embodies serious thinking about how people live and work, and at the same time shouts the joy of invention."

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