CSAIL Grad Develops ‘Pencil With Potential’

CSAIL graduate Mario Bollini has transitioned from programming robots that bake cookies to developing pencils that when planted will sprout fresh herbs and vegetables. In a new endeavor called Sprout, Bollini, who was previously a member of CSAIL Director Daniela Rus’ Distributed Robotics Lab, and fellow MIT classmates from a product development course have developed a “pencil with potential.”
Each pencil has a different seed located inside. When the pencil is too short to use, users can plant it, and when watered the pencil will sprout anything from heirloom cherry tomatoes to radishes and marigolds.
The team is currently fundraising in the hopes of kicking off widespread production. More information can be found at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/democratech/sprout-a-pencil-with-a-seed.