Conference was held in Greece, celebrating the life of Prof. Michael Dertouzos

A conference was held on July 10-11, 2004 on the island of Andros, Greece, celebrating the life of Prof. Michael Dertouzos, the late director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. It was organized by the Society of Scientists from Andros, Michael's native island. Attendees from MIT included President Chuck Vest and Mrs. Becky Vest, Prof. Suzanne Berger, Prof. Nicholas Negroponte, Prof. Amedeo Odoni, Ms. Barbara Stowe, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, and Prof. Victor Zue. Other attendees included the Honorable Al Gore, Mrs. Tipper Gore, Dr. George Metakides, and Dr. Greg Papadopolous. Also in the audience were Michael's wife Cathy, his son Leonidas, and his daughter Alexandra. During the day session, six technical presentations were made on the impact of computer science on areas ranging from architecture and shipping to healthcare and telecommunication. During the evening session, many people reminisced and paid personal tributes to Michael. On Sunday morning, a bust of Michael's likeness was dedicated at the main Town Square, overlooking the Aegean Sea (photo taken by President Vest). The inscription below the bust said: Michael L. Dertouzos, 1936-2001, Pioneer of Informatics in Service to Humanity.