Celebrating a rich computing collaboration

QCRI director Ahmed K. Elmagarmid and MIT professor Sam Madden

MIT CSAIL is celebrating six years of collaboration with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), which is part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha.

This fall CSAIL hosted a special meeting with QCRI focused on recent work and future areas of exploration between the two institutions.

“The work that we’ve been able to do together with MIT CSAIL has truly been second to none,” says QCRI executive director Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, pictured above (left) with MIT professor Sam Madden. “The way that we’ve been able to collaborate and learn from each other in the last few years has very much exceeded all of our expectations.”


The QCRI-CSAIL Computer Science Research Program has focused on a diverse range of topics, from database management and speech processing to shared computing and data analytics:

“Our collaboration with QCRI has been extremely rewarding for our laboratory,” says CSAIL director Daniela Rus. “We have embarked on a wide variety of research projects that have had a major impact in the field of computer science, and look forward to continuing to keep the gradient with our future work.”