Berners-Lee Inducted Into AI Hall of Fame

The IEEE Computer Society’s IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine has selected CSAIL’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee to be one of 10 inaugural members in the IEEE Intelligent Systems Hall of Fame. The AI Hall of Fame was launched this year to honor researchers who have made significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems.

“It is always exciting to see that there are people with such passion in a field, and we hope that our Hall of Fame will be a way to recognize and promote creative work and progress in AI and intelligent systems,” said IEEE Intelligent Systems Editor in Chief Fei-Yue Wang.

Berners-Lee was honored for his work developing the Word Wide Web and the Semantic Web, and was also credited for his dedication to ensuring that the Web is an open, accessible source of information for all. Berners-Lee is the 3Com Founders Professor of Engineering, director of the W3 Consortium and head of the Decentralized information Group at CSAIL.

“Berners- Lee was also a creator of the social machinery that backed his technical innovations. He built it up the with a truly democratic momentum that favored the effective small step understood and appreciated by the many over the fortune or wisdom of the few, leading to an unprecedented global uptake of his technological innovations,” wrote Professor Steffen Staab of Berners-Lee's accomplishments.

Other inaugural honorees include: MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, Douglas Engelbart, Professor Emeritus Edward Albert Feigenbaum, MIT and Stanford Professor John McCarthy, MIT Professor Marvin Minsky, Professor Nils J. Nilsson, Professor Judea Pearl, Professor Raj Reddy and Professor Lotfi Zadeh.