Alumni Spotlight: Helen Greiner

September 20, 2007 - Helen Greiner, a former CSAIL/ AI lab graduate student, will be inducted into at the Women in Technology International’s Hall of Fame on September 27th. Helen Greiner was a graduate student in the Artificial Intelligence Lab (one of the two labs which merged to form CSAIL) in 1989. Greiner is co-founder and chairman iRobot corporation, a company that she founded with fellow student Colin Angle and Principal investigator Rodney Brooks. When asked about his colleague and former student’s, achievement Brooks states. “Helen vividly demonstrates that there should be no limits to any of our aspirations.” WITI enumerates the reasons Greiner was chosen for this honor in their press release announcing this year's inductees, “While at iRobot, Ms. Greiner has invented and sponsored the innovation of technologies that help to improve the human condition. Under her leadership, iRobot has succeeded in building robots that help people complete dull, dirty and dangerous tasks with better results.”