Top-down Network Management at Scale


Ying Zhang (Meta)
Abstract: Network management facilitates a healthy and sustainable network. However, its practice is not well understood outside the network engineering community. In this talk, I will present Meta’s network management suit, ranging from network planning, to risk-driven network management, and ultimately to network operation. I will present our intent-driven top-down network management automation that facilitates the network reliability, performance, and long-term evolution. By sharing our operational experiences of running a large-scale network for years, as well as our experiences in supporting a diverse set of networks from backbone, to PoP, to data center, we hope to inspire new research in the area of reliable and verifiable network management.

Bio: Ying Zhang is Senior Engineering Manager in Meta. She works on large scale network management problems. Her team owns software for network modeling, design, configuration and verification for Metaverse Datacenter, backbone and edge networks. Her research interests are in network management, Network for AI, Software-Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Internet routing, and network security.

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