Securing the Enterprise, A Cybsecurity Conference


Jessica Gibson
MIT CSAIL Alliances
Securing the Enterprise: What’s Next
Cyber-attacks are threatening organizations and governments’ critical infrastructure. As researchers and industry leaders work diligently to develop new technologies and strategies that thwart these attacks, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more innovative. Sophisticated threats have elevated cyber security to a boardroom issue, impacting public and private organizations across all sectors. Security is no longer about just locking down networks.

MIT CSAIL, with the support of BT, is bringing together global security professionals, government officials and world-renowned researchers for an important discussion on the current and future threat landscape.

We’ll explore the latest cutting-edge research out of MIT coupled with insights from industry leaders and government officials who are in the field developing and implementing technologies and strategies needed to protect organizations. We will finish with an important discussion on new cyber policies coming out of Washington and look more closely at what executives need to be paying attention to domestically and internationally.

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As a member of the CSAIL community, we extend a personal invitation for you to attend and receive complimentary admission to the conference. To help us with event logistics we are asking all MIT faculty, staff and students to register at Use access code Enterprise2018 to access the site. Please use your MIT email address when registering. There is no cost to attend, however, your card will be charged $25 if you do not attend the event without notification. Please notify or update your registration by 10/30 and you will not be charged for the cancellation.