Hot Topics in Computing: First Contact


Sebastien Bubeck


Daniela Rus
Title: First Contact

Abstract: The new wave of AI systems, ChatGPT and its more powerful successors, exhibit extraordinary capabilities across a broad swath of domains. In light of this, we will discuss whether artificial INTELLIGENCE has arrived.

Bio: Sebastien Bubeck is a Senior Principal Research Manager in the Machine Learning Foundations group at Microsoft Research (MSR). He joined the Theory Group at MSR in 2014, after three years as an assistant professor at Princeton University. His works on convex optimization, online algorithms and adversarial robustness in machine learning received several best paper awards (NeurIPS 2018 and 2021 best paper, ALT 2018 and 2023 best student paper in joint work with MSR interns, COLT 2016 best paper, and COLT 2009 best student paper). Recently he has been focused on exploring a physics-like theory of neural networks learning.