#HackDisability: AI for Accessibility


Matt Busekroos
CSAIL Alliances
The Howe Innovation Center and MIT CSAIL are hosting #HackDisability: AI for Accessibility – a hackathon that will bring together diverse teams of software and hardware engineers, students, product managers, MBAs, designers, and people with the lived experience of having a disability, with the shared goal of developing innovative AI solutions to enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

#HackDisability: AI for Accessibility will be held at MIT CSAIL on MIT’s campus. Specific details will be shared with participants.

#HackDisability: AI for Accessibility is powered by lead sponsor Amazon.

The Howe Innovation Center’s goal is to accelerate innovation to make the world more accessible for people with disabilities. We connect people with disabilities with the innovation community – entrepreneurs, technology companies, consumer products companies, and others engaged in innovation initiatives – to discover and tackle the most pressing accessibility problems in employment, education and daily living.

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