CSAIL + Imagination in Action: AI Frontiers & Implications


Daniela Rus and John Werner
CSAIL + Imagination in Action are jointly hosting a landmark event in honor of CSAIL's 60-year anniversary. On Tuesday, June 27, experts and startup pioneers from across CSAIL will share inspiring talks and thought-provoking ideas. Our symposium aims to bridge the gap between groundbreaking AI innovations and practical applications, providing a platform for luminaries and startup pioneers within CSAIL's ecosystem to share their trailblazing insights and perspectives. Expect a vibrant exchange of ideas as speakers delve into their visions for AI, highlighting exciting opportunities and addressing potential risks.

A highlight of the event will be honoring Bob Metcalfe on the auspicious occasion of Ethernet's 50th anniversary and his selection as the 2022 A.M. Turing Award winner. To wrap up a day of enlightenment and celebration, we will convene for a festive gathering in the Stata amphitheater, followed by a reception at One Kendall Square, Cambridge.

Register here: https://forms.gle/LhwXV2LW3oHXSwMt6