AI in Finance - NLP, Graphs & Personalization


Abhijit Bose, Aamer Charania & Giri Iyengar
Capital One


Christiana Kalfas
CSAIL Alliance Program (CAP)
MIT - Capital One Tech Talk
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Speakers: Abhijit Bose, Aamer Charania & Giri Iyengar

Join us to hear how AI is transforming the financial services industry with firsthand views from Capital One.

A few years ago, Abhijit Bose was leading Facebook’s East Coast AI Research, leading computer vision models to spot sunglasses on people’s faces. Now he is heading Capital One Machine Learning! Hear what attracted him to Capital One and how he envisions AI transforming the financial services industry. Abhijit will be joined by two MIT alumni - Aamer Charania and Giri Iyenga. Aamer, who leads development of machine learning services at Capital One, will talk about NLP/Conversational AI and Graphs. Giri, who leads enterprise marketing technology, will share his views on Personalization at scale.

The talk will be beneficial for folks interested in AI applications for finance in general, or like to hear about NLP/Conversational AI, Graphs or Personalization at scale.

Speaker Bios:

Abhijit Bose (

Abhijit Bose is the Managing Vice President for Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning (C4ML). Prior to joining Capital One, Abhijit served as Facebook’s Head of Engineering (Montreal, NYC, Pittsburg) for Facebook AI Research.

With over 20+ years of data science expertise, Abhijit encompasses an impressive technical and academic career history. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, received his dual-Masters in Mechanical Engineering as well as Computer Science, and received his dual-Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering Mechanics.

Before joining Facebook, Abhihit was the Managing Director of Data Science for JP Morgan's Digital Organization. He’s also worked for IBM, Google, and American Express. Abhijit and his wife live in New Jersey with their 6-year-old twins. When he’s not working, Abhijit
enjoys spending time volunteering with his family at their local animal shelter, as well as hiking and touring state parks.

Aamer Charania (

Aamer Charania leads the development of enterprise Machine Learning products and services at Capital One. Before joining Capital One, he led AI initiatives at Humana and Verizon. Prior to that, he was a research assistant at MIT.

Aamer enjoys giving back to the community. He is the founder of Dallas AI (, the largest nonprofit AI meetup group in North Texas, with over 3,700 members. Aamer is also a board member of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Big Data Advisory. In addition, he is an MIT Alumni Career Advisor, MIT Educational Counselor and former President of the MIT Alumni Club of Dallas & Fort Worth.

Aamer has been awarded over 10 patents. He holds a Masters in Engineering from MIT, a Masters in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Giri Iyengar (

Giri Iyengar leads the Enterprise Marketing Tech teams as part of Enterprise Products and Platforms Technology Organization. He is responsible for the Capital One Site, Messaging, Content Management, and Experimentation Technology Platforms at Capital One.

Prior to Capital One, Giri was the head of Engineering for eBay's Advertising group where he led research and development of several innovative ML driven advertising products for eBay's buyers and sellers. He also created the first ever Computer Vision team at eBay that allows billions of products to be searched using your smartphone pictures. After his PhD from MIT, he started his career as a Machine Learning Researcher at IBM Watson Research Center where he worked on Speech Recognition, Computer Vision and other Machine Learning technologies.