Tessa Lau- Collaborative Scripting for the Web

As more areas of our lives move to the web, we are seeing an increasing need for sharing knowledge about how to do tasks on the web. For example, people want to show their parents how to upload photos, biologists want to show colleagues how to analyze data, employees need to know how to order business cards. Our CoScripter system employs techniques from programming by demonstration to make it easy for end users to capture, share, and automate scripts forcompleting web-based tasks. One differentiating feature is that scripts areautomatically saved to a shared wiki repository, where others in the community can find, tag, rate, and comment on scripts. CoScripter has been deployed within a large organization for over a year, and on the public Internet for several months. In this talk, I will explain the technology behind CoScripter, report on the results of user studies that show how CoScripter has improved people's lives, and highlight lessons we learned while deploying a research project on the web for public consumption.