Paul André- Self and Social Awareness: Designing for Communication and Collaboration

Face-to-face interaction affords graceful communication through social translucency--visibility, awareness, and accountability. Increasingly we interact through mediating artifacts that blur and attenuate these personal and social cues, e.g., broadcasting social media to an unclear audience with little feedback, or a knowledge production scenario such as document collaboration with unclear edits, reasoning, and provenance. This can be harmful not just to optimal collaboration, but in creating awkward or damaging situations if audience and social context are blurred. In the first half of the talk we discuss how representation in existing systems affects expression and interpretation of self, focusing on Healthii--a well-being sharing app, and our website Who Gives a Tweet--a friend-sourced study of Twitter content addressing imagined audience issues of what content is valued and why. In the second half we consider awareness in systems we design for more tangible output. We present two projects of distributed situations: results of mechanisms for crowdsourced clustering of complex data (Wikipedia barnstars), and the application of that technique within a larger project--a community-sourced CHI 2013 schedule, utilizing individual elicitation of constraints and global awareness to address them.