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In May 2012, CSAIL launched a new initiative aimed at tackling the challenges of big data. On Tuesday, January 15, Elizabeth Bruce, executive director for bigdata@CSAIL, joined Rick Smolan, author of the new book The Human Face of Big Data, and Tom Thai, vice president of marketing for Bluefin Labs, to discuss the myriad ways big data has and will change our lives in the years to come on Boston Public Radio.

New research by Professor and CSAIL Principal Investigator John Guttag and Professor Collin Stultz is featured in famed photographer Rick Smolan’s new book on big data. The Human Face of Big Data, which will be released in November, was formally announced last week. The book will feature numerous photographs, including one of Guttag and Stultz, depicting the ways in which the massive onslaught of new data being collected through websites, sensors and other channels is being used by scientists to gain new insight into human behavior. Guttag and Stultz developed a new software system that combs through a patient’s EKG data to predict a patient’s risk of death following a heart attack.